Welcome to the Biology Department at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. From this page, you will be able to access information about our programs, faculty members and individual courses. Additionally, you will be able to investigate biology offerings at other institutions around the world.

Programs and Areas of Specialization

Need to decide what you should be taking next semester? Don't have your College Catalog with you to check the recommendations? Our programs are organized into seven areas of specialization. For each specialization we have a core set of required classes and a set of additional recommended courses. Take a look here to review the required and recommended courses for your program of specialization. But remember, this is an unofficial listing and you should always refer to the catalog or check with your advisor about specific offerings. Want to see what transfer institutions are requiring? Many of these program listings have links to take you directly to those other schools.


Courses with Online Material

Guide to Writing a Research Paper.

Many of our biology classes require the writing of a research paper. This guide will help you through the process

Learning Stategies

Each student will have to develop their own set of successful strategies for learning. Science often requires a different set of strategies than those used in another discipline. Dartmouth College in New Hampshire has a very nice set of suggestions and guidelines for reading, studying, note taking, handling stress and such at Dartmouth Learning Strategies.

How to Study Physics was written in 1946 but still provides an excellent overview of the value of college and describes many techniques to improve your success while here. Though labeled "physics", you will find this applies just as easily to Biology.

Careers and Jobs in Biology

Need help choosing a career direction in biology? Need help locating a summer job? Having trouble getting your resume together? Look here for some helpful resources.

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